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There’s a Native philosophy that is important to many indigenous peoples, the principle of making decisions today that have a positive impact 7 Generations into the future. We want our ancestors from 7 Generations in the past, and from 7 Generations into the future, to see what we are doing now and feel proud. So that’s exactly what we do.
How? We reached for the stars and developed one of the world’s most massive networks of influencer and press connections. Now, we build your brand, reputation, and ROI by getting you in front of the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

We hope to change the world and grow our community, one business at a time.

Meet The Founder

Rowan VanGoda is a stubborn and optimistic transman with a mission to show the world what the transgender community can do.
When Rowan first started 7 Generation Impacts, it was, honestly, just his way of trying to make a living. Then it all changed. He realized that he could solve one of the biggest problems that the transgender community faces, being heard.
So, Rowan made 7 Generation Impacts a place where the trans community could turn to in order to receive the type of love and respect they deserve. No more being turned away, no more weird looks. Just honest quality work for some of the best people in the world.
Aside from Rowan’s mission to help others be seen, his personal mission is to be someone the next transgender generation can look to when they wonder what they’re going to do with their life. The trans community is twice as likely to be unemployed, and Rowan wants to show them that they don’t need to rely on anyone to give them a job. They can make their own way, help others, and thrive while doing it.


At 7 Generation Impacts, we take an ROI-focused approach to your marketing. Most agencies will only focus on one part of your funnel and call it good, even if you don’t get an ROI, but not us. Whether it’s developing the perfect landing page for your product or getting you into the best publications for your product, we make sure you succeed.


While being known is important, so is your living. That’s why we developed the strategies to get you paid to grow your brand.

Our Services


With millions in ad spend under our belts, we’ve got the experience to beat the competition with our data-driven campaigns. Ditch the confusing copy and setup, let us drive the results for you


Whether it's your logo, website, or a complete overhaul, we’ve got your back. Our award-winning design team can take your brand to new heights.


With more brands and scams popping up every day, people lean more and more towards buying from the people they know. Let’s get you front and center with our PR team.

Social Growth

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few companies able to provide real, authentic social growth. Whether you’re looking for credibility or niche-specific followers, we have the campaign to get you there.


How did people like Tony Robbins launch so hard? Strategy. We’ve hyper-analyzed and split tested all the best methods and checked all the data. Now, we’ve developed the 8 figure strategy to make sure you’re a success.


Be seen like never before. Our connections with influencers across thousands of vertices give you the best social proof possible, people’s idols. Overwhelm the competition by completely saturating the market in moments.


With so many people in the world, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. We use our connections to help get you the ultimate credibility, social media verification.

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